Frequently asked questions

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Do you offer albums?

I am no longer supplying albums myself. I value my time and making an album simply takes too much time and effort. However, I'm happy to direct you to the companies, which can create an album for you.


Can I get all of the images from the photoshoot?

No,  I will not share the raw images. As denoted in my contract, you (the Client) will receive high resolution images, edited in a manner reflective of my style and aesthetic. Just to clarify, these images will allow you to print canvases, large prints, and a host of other items. The original photo file (what’s referred to as a raw image) is basically the foundation that provides me the latitude to edit and create a photo.


Can I purchase additional images from the photoshoot?

If there are additional images available to purchase, you will get this option. Each additional photograph will cost you £5.


Can I postpone a photoshoot?

You can postpone a photoshoot only once and only if you provide me with a valid reason. If you have to postpone a photoshoot for the second time, the £50 charge is added to the bill. Why is that? When you change your date, I'm simply loosing the opportunity to work with another Client.


Can I get a discount?

No, my prices are comparable with other photographers in the area.


Can you print my images?



How do I get my photographs?

All images will be available to download from the online gallery.