Christmas Advert Campaign for

In a close cooperation with my husband Mat, we have recently created this beautiful christmas ad for Today I would like to show you some of the behind the scenes pictures and tell you a little bit about the editing process. The Parcelcat is purely digital, so has not been present on the set, but if you are interested on how it has been created, you can check it out here

Like with every other photoshoot, it was very important to get our little model's parents involved in our work. Karol (dad) was holding our model and Karen (mum) was trying to make her laugh while we were trying to take a perfect picture.

Luckily for us our model was really patient. We've spent over an hour trying to pose her in a way we wanted her to hold the Parcelcat. After 267 pictures taken and millions of promises that we are about to finish, we managed to get that perfect shot we were all satisfied with.

Although, our model is a natural beauty, for the purpose of this campaign, some post-production editing was still needed. I'm not gonna tell you about everything, as most of the things done are either obvious or boring to talk about, like taking off yellow colour with Colour Balance tool or sharpening some details etc. BUT there is one thing which is worth to be mentioned: Imagenomic Portraiture plugin for Adobe Photoshop. It corrects and smoothes skin with literally no effort (if you know how to use it) and I really, really adore this tool.

What's also very important is the background to the picture. Usually nobody really pays much attention to the background, unless it clearly doesn't match the rest of the picture. I must mention that all of the campaigns are always prepared weeks or months in advance, so we send big thanks to Dobbies for selling Christmas trees in October as well as Ikea, where we got our decorations from.

To conclude, all the work on the set was supervised with a watchful eye of  Miluś the cat.

Love xx